The Liquid Floor Screed arrives on site ready mixed and can be poured much faster than traditional sand/cement screed, or concrete screed. ENERGY FLOOR SCREEDS can cover between 750 meters to 1500 per day if required.

The Advantages of our Floor Screed

• Liquid Floor Screed provides minimal risk of cracking with very low shrinkage,
• Liquid Floor Screed will take light pedestrian traffic within 24 hours
• Liquid Floor Screed can reduce the thickness of the Screed (traditional sand cement screeds 75 mm as against 45 mm)
• Liquid Floor Screed can be force dried
• When ENERGY FLOOR SCREEDS lay Liquid Floor Screed, your Under-floor heating systems can be turned on after 7 days
• ENERGY FLOOR SCREEDS provide and lay Self-levelling Liquid Floor Screed which Increases efficiency of underfloor heating system greatly

All our Liquid Floor Screed is delivered to site by truck.

Liquid Floor Screed

Advantages: The Liquid Floor Screed is mixed in a computerised controlled batching plant. It is then tested and despatched into the lorry. This process ensures that we consistently get a top quality product delivered to the site every time. We have more control over the quality of our product from this modern computerised mixing system. We also do a test on each load when it arrives on site. As outlined above this has numerous advantages over the old method of mixing on site where all the components have to be transported to site and then mixed in an uncontrolled environment.

Easy Access: As we only need on-site space for 1 lorry and 1 screed pump we can accommodate any job with a maximum of 2 car parking spaces. This means we can pour screed in inner city and town locations with minimum disruption to residents and also minimum on-site disruption. As the Liquid Floor Screed comes to site pre-mixed we can complete the job more quickly and efficiently than the old on-site method. We can, therefore, concentrate all our attention where it counts most, that is producing a top quality floor finish. We can also pump screed up to a distance of 200m which means we can set up our lorry and pump in the most convenient location to the site. Our clean up process is quick and efficient leaving the site exactly as we found it.

These are some of the reasons why we can deliver a top quality smooth and level floor finish to all our customers.

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